Sr. Officer- Technical Incharge

Apply Before : 2022-03-02 (Closed)

Salary : Negotiable

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Job description

    1. Research on web or job portal to find out best and unique solution. (More creative part).
    2. Continuous research on website development and consulting with developer.
    3. Planning on Client relation and public relation aspect of website.
    4. Responsible for all aspects regarding concept, development, maintenance and further
    development of the portal.
    5. Testing, bug fixing and usability, workout on user experience and regular research for portal
    6. To find out server problem.
    7. To make plan and policy to engage more people in job portal.
    8. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment where continuous innovation is desired.
    1. Manage day to day operations of Job Portal.
    2. Track and report on all site metrics (user analytics) and forthcoming developments on a weekly
    basis to manager.
    3. Manage SEO and social media strategies.
    4. Research on branding aspect of website development.
    5. Designing related overall tasks.
    6. Implement several marketing campaigns to create more awareness and increase traffic in
    7. Proper content management and one who can work out good with keywords.
     To assist on CV selection process and content description for all the TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS.
     Designing and implementing the overall recruiting strategy for all the IT RELATED REQUIREMENT
    within a company.
     Sourcing and attracting candidates by using databases, social media etc.
     Conducting interviews and filtering candidates for open positions.


     2+ years experience in related field or fresher with better knowledge & training on related

     Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and decision-making skills.
     Good knowledge of tools to improve SEO ranking and Microsoft Office.
     Familiarity with job boards, HR software, databases, and management systems.
     Ability to work in a team and by taking an own Key Performance Indicators.


     Bachelor’s degree in Information Management (or related field).
     Experience developing recruiting strategy,
     Desire to grow professionally.