What is interpersonal skill? Significance of the interpersonal skill as an employee.

Interpersonal skills are the skills and abilities that are required to effectively communicate, interact, emphasize and work with individuals and teams. People with good interpersonal skills are considered to be an excellent verbal and non-verbal communicator, proficient at relationship management, maintain appropriate body language, being an active listener, problem solvers, and patience and have better emotional intelligence. People who are good listeners can emphasize the problem of others and are extremely good at problem solving. 
Interpersonal skills are essential in both professional and personal life. These skills are the incredible assets to success. Interpersonal skills are the traits that we learn throughout our lives.

Why are interpersonal skills significant in the workplace?
Interpersonal skills are very important for establishing and maintaining meaningful personal relationships in the workplace. People with interpersonal skills can be better team players, team leaders and have a healthy relationship with colleagues and clients in an organization.  Following are the major importance of interpersonal skills at a workplace.

    • Interpersonal skills boost effective communication
    • Help to keep the feedback loop open
    • They expand your opportunities
    • Make you significant person
    • Improve your problem solving capability
    • They demonstrate social awareness
    • They increase and maintain client satisfaction
    • Interpersonal skills help to build trust
    • They help foster and maintain personal relationships
    • Interpersonal skills make you an effective leader